Tuesday, July 16, 2013

IllusionRom-2.1 beta 16.07.2013 Galaxy Note 10.1 (N80XX)

IllusionRom is forked from Slim Sources and my build are completely unofficial 

llusion is BACK!!! We'd like to give HUGE credits to SLIM Roms for an incredible base! We'd also like to give credit to AOKP, Paranoid Android, TeamBaked, CyanogenMod. These people helped make what you guys are using (about to use) what it is today . 


Nyone on the fence about flashing watch this ILLUSION 1.0


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Changelog 15.07.2013
Many Halo fixes and cleanups
Fix for data and network services
Merge mediaprovider from cm10.1 branch
Revert a commit which FC's privacy guard
Hdpi support for new halo style
addition of silent mode for Halo
Xposed Settings (until hybrid setting is set)
Fix translation Derp
Privacy Guard
Show contact name in blacklists
Store phone blacklist in content provider
Lockscreen layout fix
Don't enable wifi if its not toggle-able in flight mode
Fix date setting during setup
And many more...

CyanogenMod Kernel


itsmikeramsay his work
Daniel Lotz

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