See our Github for the latest changes: Illusion

**Illusion v2.1 Beta**
+ Framework: Gesture based lock screen security
+ Framework: Contacts app aware of blacklist being disabled
+ HALO: A few more gestures added, expanding on functionality
+ Framework: 4.3 Fonts
+ Framework: Reset option for clock color and styles
+ Framework: Specific notification types for auto-hide statusbar
+ Framework: Enable/Disable Home button wake (S3 & S4 devices)
+ Kernel: Twisted Illusion for S3 devices
+ Kernel: ILLK (Illusion Kernel) for S4 devices
+ Xposed: Added Xposed DPI (Til Hybrid Settings is ready)
+ Bootanimation: Illusion’d Google Experience Bootanimation (Annex is beast)
+ Devices: Added loads more devices (Courtesy - Driodmaster92)
+ Settings: Privacy Guard Settings
- Theme: Removed custom Halo ring, back to default white

**Illusion v2.0 Beta**
+++ Rebased on SlimRoms (Stability comes 1st!!)
+ Framework: Halo Styles and colors!
+ Framework: Halo now remembers position
+ Framework: Enable/Disable Halo
+ Framework: Left Clock in status bar (WIP)
+ Framework: Sony Styled touch sound
+ Framework: Bluetooth triggers in profiles
+ Framework: Speed up statusbar/notification drawer
+ Framework: CyanogenMod’s Privacy Guard
+ Framework: CyanogenMod’s SMS Middleware Layer (Secure Messaging)
+ Framework: Statusbar quick peek feature
+ Framework: IRBlaster works!! (S4)
+ Framework: Nexus 7 system animations
+ Settings: Reworked Illusion Settings (Now in “Interface”)
+ Settings: Application package name in “App Info”
+ Contacts: Improve haptic feedback on dialpad
+ Theme: Updated KeyLimePie theme with IllusionRoms Halo Logo
+ New Google Experience bootanimation
+ Phone: Disable accelerometer on screen off during call (Saves battery)
+ Device: i9300 (Int’l S3) and S4 (Int’l S4), finally a go!!
+ Device: Mako is a go!!
+ Device: Loki refinements for S4
+ Device: updated D2USC bootloader versions
+ Device: updated D2VZW update build fingerprint
+ JF-Common: Tweaks to MMS Overlay
- Hybrid Settings (Reworking it)(WIP)
- Ribbons (Gotta add back)
= System: Boot issues with S3 Devices
= Sound: Headphone jack works!! (S4)
= Camera: FC either in camera or Gallery
= Wifi Issues for S4?
= Loki Issues for S4?

Known issues as of beta v1.0 (may be resolved in v2.0 beta):
  • Wifi Issues (for some)(S4)?
  • Loki issues (for some)(S4)?

**Illusion v1.0 Beta**
+ Framework: Paranoid Android’s HALO!! (STILL IN BETA)
+ HALO updates, changes, and fixes
+ HALO: Pause apps when looking at a notification in Halo
+ HALO))) app to build
+ HALO))): Add notes to Halo
+ Confirm dialog before deleting/editing APN settings
+ Boosted sound volume for S3 devices
+ Updated Paranoid Preferences to 5.3
+ Kernel: updates to S3 devices
+ Kernel: updates to S4 devices
+ Updated all device trees for proper dependencies (S3 & S4)
+ Enabled GPS privacy lock in for S4 devices
+ Updated blobs for S3 & S4 devices
+ Settings: Toggle to hide profiles settings in Power Menu
+ Settings: Allow NFC Override
+ Reduced power button torch time to 900ms
= General bug fixes for S3 & S4
= Adjusted some default DPI settings

**Illusion Preview**
**Initial Release, Factory Reset if coming from any other ROM
**Rebased on Root-Box source code
**i9300 (Int’l S3) & jfltexx (int’l S4) still working on support, won’t be long at all!
+ Miami Vice theme (Coming soon!)
+ Exclusive Annex “Condensed” Font
+ Lockscreen Flashlight using Power Button
+ Updated icons in settings
+ New default Wallpaper
+ Fully customizable MMS Application
- GooManager (Get from Play Store)

Note: GPS, Bluetooth, all the necessities work!!

Note: Hybrid Settings is still a WIP, everything functions properly in terms of DPI, and layouts BUT still need to clean up some stuff...