Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IllusionRom-2.1 b1 AT&T HTC One(m7att)

IllusionRom is forked from Slim Sources and my build are completely unofficial 

llusion is BACK!!! We'd like to give HUGE credits to SLIM Roms for an incredible base! We'd also like to give credit to AOKP, Paranoid Android, TeamBaked, CyanogenMod. These people helped make what you guys are using (about to use) what it is today . 



Nyone on the fence about flashing watch this ILLUSION 1.0


Data Tile not working properly



CyanogenMod Kernel


itsmikeramsay his work
Daniel Lotz

HTC One Illusion Rom FAQs

How do I enable HALO?
Go into settings. Under Illusion System Settings, select interface. You will find Halo Options. Here you can turn on halo, and tweak the way Halo works.

Where is my Data toggle in the notification pane quick settings panel?
As of right now, the only way to toggle data is through the Data Usage menu in settings. A fix is being worked on for this. I believe the problem exists in quite a few ROMS for the One.

Why isn't my NFC working?
Don't worry, all you need to do is flash the file at the bottom of this post title NFC Fix. This fix was pointed out by @Pony Express.

How do I enable/Disable CRT animations?
CRT off animation can be toggled under Illusion System Settings>Display

How do I access Google Now?
On the HTC One, the HTC logo is NOT a button. However, in the Illusion ROM (and some other ones), the strip above the logo has been modded to work as a button. Long pressing that stip will give you instant access to Now

Are there any other Bugs I should be aware of?
Not sure if it is mac only, or whether this will occur on PC as well, but if you connect as MTP, mac does not recognize it. ADB and PTP work fine. It is only MTP where this issue occurs. At this point, I feel the issue is with Macs being unable to recognize the MTP protocol. I was able to work it on a PC.

Patches, Fixes, and more

NFC Fix - http://d-h.st/41X

@Pony Express for the NFC Fix

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