Wednesday, September 4, 2013

News Update|| 04|09|2013

Update 11|09|2013

After many requests I have added back the Donation Buy Now button. It is up to you if you want to donate or not but don't flame my threads or my blog spot .Please keep it clean.And if any one wants a refund just email me

Update 05|09|2013No more donations for some reasons people think I am begging .Guys thanks for your contributions. I will continue to give you builds.No doubt in that .And I will think about the new website now whether to use the time to build a site for nothing or what!And I will refund all who donated me amounting to around 100$ dollars till date asap.

Hello Guys !! I have been working a lot these days on my PHP skills , that's where I am busy so sorry if I could give you guys much support lately .So you guys can expect a website soon.Thank you guys.

Beta version WIP :hybrid has been integrated now bugs are being fixed and all other features are being added.