Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Update 04.07.2013

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Alright folks, here's another update... 4.3 is officially merged!! I just did the last part of it and caught with CyanogenMod as far as frameworks goes.

Reference here to see what I'm talking aboutIllusionProject Frameworks/base

Of course there's loads of things to iron out, but the overwhelming part of merging 4.3 is now behind us!

I'm still not going to promise an ETA, but I will be doing what I can to get everything functioning the way it needs to be. Thanks peeps for remaining patient through a busy part of my life recently. There's quite a bit in store for 2.5. I may even release a alpha version of 2.5 so you guys can get your hands on a 4.3 build with all the cool nifty features and such ."

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Driodmaster92: So, guys as he said No ETA but for me I have almost completed my repo and will start compiling from tomorrow or Tuesday latest ..and since i don't have most of the devices i need testers so if you are interested please email me at with the following details:

XDA UserName:

And Donors Thanks a lot ...I really appreciate it ....